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The Soul Of Wrecks

Who is JiP L.?

I am a young artist who has set his sights on the use of old sheets improved by time to create contemporary paintings. I have always bathed since my childhood in a creative world thanks to my two parents. Art is my mode of expression, my daily outlet.


Where does my artist name come from?

I chose this pseudonym to pay tribute to my father who taught me how to work steel. Thanks to him, I can cut plasma, weld, grind ... to create harmonious compositions.

JiP is a German female name that I particularly like. I added the "L" Lachapelle (the artist's name of my father).


A word about my dad ...

Jean-Patrick Lachapelle is a well-known but discreet sculptor. His works have traveled the world.


With him, I teamed up to create a collection of paintings called "The Soul of Wrecks" before flying on my own.




This is the first and last father / daughter collection created at the Atôlier de Charolles (71).